Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We have an opportunity.....

It's easy to throw stones, to defend our position as being the ONLY option available and suggest the other person has some deep, moral flaw for not agreeing with our take on things.

Some nights I lie in bed and wonder what we could do with the energy we expend on hatred and invest it in healing. I am not suggesting we give up our belief system(s). I am suggesting we start to get in touch with the part of us that can begin to heal.

Maybe we start by stopping all the hateful meme's, all the shrill and vulgar articles, most of which, on either side of the equation aren't factual just designed to inflame our passions.

We have the same hearts, the same minds and the same souls. We don't have a gene that says Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Socialist infused in us at conception. We do, however, possess the capacity to understand and to heal. That's one thing we all share in common.

It would be easy and convenient to do what so many have done here, "unfriend" the people whose points are a stone in our shoes. I choose to preach. What I'll preach is understanding, compassion and equality for everyone, not just the people who agree with me, or I with them.


It started as a one sentence tag for a meme I shared on Facebook recently.

I sat back and smiled when I read my own posting. I sounded like one of them-there old guys shaking his fist at the cosmos and yelling When I was a kid......

I grew up smack dab; dead in the middle of the Civil  Rights revolution. I saw in real time the remnants of Jim Crow and even 10 years after Brown v Board of Education people being refused equality in employment, housing and not being able to sit with other people in a restaurant or use the same rest room.I guess some things never change. The faces and the situations evolve but our prejudices don't

I was on a spring break when I walked into the house with a basket ball under my arm on April 4, 1968 and I hear Howard K. Smith from ABC News say, We interrupt this program..........  I do not understand and I never will.

I didn't hate. I don't now and I never will.

I walked down the block on June 6, 1968 to connect with the guy I walked to school with every day He asked You heard didn't you? They killed Bobby!

I didn't hate. I don't now and I never will.

Yeah, there was rioting and protesting and a very deep angst within a part of my generation.

I know what you are thinking. Just another old guy living somewhere in the past. 

We were for lottsa things. We were for peace, for justice and for equality and we did it in a way that showed were weren't against anything. We just wanted everyone to take notice and do their part.

We did not hate and sadly some of us have forgotten.

We forget about history unless Fox or CNN or our favorite internet media site directs us to believe it is only as long as the most recent news cycle. All great societies, from the beginning of time, have crumbled not from foreign invasion, disease or natural disaster, but from within . From the inability to resolve problems and issues.

From the inability to heal