Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why setting goals can be scarier than dating Taylor Swift

Have you seen them lately? 
Yeah, wow, do you know how they did it? They look amazing!
They lost 450 pounds, ran three marathons in the past 10 weeks
They just finished their 3rd book. 
I hear they're getting ready for a nationwide motivational speaking tour!

Okay, that's not whats really happens but often it's what we hear. Someone we know makes a dramatic life change and we immediately begin to look at ourselves and sigh.  -- Better get busy

All of sudden we feel compelled to keep pace. 

How do we create success through goal setting? 

Discover what’s motivating you.
When one of my sons was in middle school he compiled a list of things that he believed would give him access to the select fraternity of “cool kids.” He worked hard to earn the money to buy the things he felt would admit him to this select fraternity of class mates. One Saturday we took him to the mall with his list and bought the things he’d worked for.

Monday morning, the people he’d wanted to impress looked at him, smiled, said “cool” and walked away.

We read a book, attend a webinar and fall prey to some crafty marketing and suddenly we are lock step in line with the rest of creation. Sometimes we get the feeling we are being bullied into being like everyone else.

 It’s got to be right, right? Everyone is doing it!!! Everyone’s goals aren’t always our goals.

Avoid the “I’m Gonna Syndrome”
Start with the here and now.  One of the traps we fall into is projecting too far into the future. In other words, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

When I am working towards something that is new or unique to my experience I like to break it down into monthly or even weekly achievements.

I started running at age fifty-seven. – I didn’t have a clue. Do you just walk out the door and run until you can’t run anymore?  

I found a pod cast called Couch to 5K. It started with a lot of walking and ended with me being able to comfortably run. It was divided into 12 week segments. I had to repeat some of the segments because I felt my endurance wasn’t good enough to move on to the next level and after four months of preparation I reached my goal.  -   I competed in my first 5K run.  

The best kept secret about setting an effective goal is that ninety-nine percent of the activity occurs internally. One success leads to another success. It’s the domino theory. With each success, we feel empowered to reach and stretch a bit farther.

Every week I ran a bit father and my endurance improved and one morning I ran the full 3.1 miles.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.
When I started training for my first 5K the podcast program I used told me that in 12 weeks I'd be running like the wind.

I wasn't. It took me 16 weeks.

My endurance wasn't always  on par with the program.

What I had to remind myself of was that my goal was to run a 5K not complete a training program. The program was a means to an end and if it took a bit longer than I'd imagined when I first set the goal, so be it.

Shout 'em from the roof tops.
The more people who know what I am up to, the more accountable I'll be and when I waver or feel like quiting,  I ask myself, Do you really wanna explain to all those people why you gave up? 

There's another benefit in sharing - Support. Anytime I share a goal of mine and keep it front and center for the whole world to see I am always surprised the support I receive.

There ya go. Four tips that may make the difference between success and failure.

Whatcha' waitin' for?