Monday, May 22, 2017

Who is the Hero in Your Story?

There is a war going on inside of each of us. It's the battle between who we think we are supposed to be and who we want to be.

I'm not gonna go all Freud on you, but there are all sorts of factors that influence the war that rages inside.

It can be all consuming.

We're on a journey and last week someone suggested to me that journey was A Heroes Journey.

I like that.

I like it because in that journey I am the main character. It's my fight, it's my battle.

I am the hero in my journey, a journey that began at my birth.

It's our journey.

I don't have a silver bullet. (I wish I did!)

I've come to believe that simply realizing some days are a battlefield, is reassurance enough.

Realizing it is journey unique only to me and me alone and only I can over come those obstacles gives it a very special feeling.

It's okay

I'm my hero.

And you are yours.

The war with ourselves - It's one we are gonna win. Of that I am sure.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

it starts with me or "haters gonna hate anyway."

I had a few minutes after lunch today so I was scrolling through on of my social media apps. Someone had shared a picture of themselves after a year of  intense fitness training. You could tell from the photo that they worked hard to get there. 

The comments on the photo were anything but positive or complimentary. Some called it  grotesque, others questioned gender or sexuality.......... Okay, you get my drift here, right?

That's social media in 2017. Sit behind a smart phone of tablet screen and be anonymously brave. 

You can always delete your post, ya know? 


A few years back I shared a story in a posting. 

Two clients owed me some money they told me they couldn't pay me. 

Sorry John, it aint there.

I shared it with the world. and how sometimes those things are going to happen and it's how you handle the situation that matters.


I received one comment and it devastated me. 

In short, the person told me I was a fake, a fraud and a phony for even beginning to believe that I was anything close to being a business coach. I believe, no I know, they called me "a joke."

Ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach. The one where the whole world saw you naked and it wasn't a pretty picture? You hear the whispers and the snickering and you can imagine yourself turning beet red?

I must have tried to respond a dozen different times but each answer was petty, hateful and spiteful. I didn't feel very good about anything I wrote. 

So I didn't. 

I just carried it inside for awhile and that's never good. 

A few weeks later a friend made a random comment

It's what they do.

Short of hurting other people, we have a right to cut our own swath through this world and yeah we are gonna stumble and sometimes even crash and burn. 

It's what we do after that matters.

It does not matter what anyone else thinks or believes. It only matter what that we believe in ourselves, our mission and our journey. 

We can't ask for support from anyone else until we give it to our self. 

So I sucked it up and moved on. 

It was a hard lesson to learn. 

It wasn't the first and I know it won't be the last.

It starts with me

And you.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

4 Dead In Ohio

I rolled over in bed last night and looked at Joan. 

What's the date, today?

May 2, why? 

Thursday is the anniversary of Kent State

It is! How long has it been? 

May 4, 1970

Twenty-nine Ohio National guardsmen fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis. 
Some of the students who were shot had been protesting. Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance. All were unarmed.

Allison Krause 
Jeffrey Miller 
Sandra Scheuer 
William Knox Schroeder

What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?
Neil Young

So many have forgotten So many never knew. 

Did you know one of the four Sandra Scheuer  was shot in the neck with an M-1 rifle while walking between classes? The bullet severed her jugular vein and she died within five or six minutes from loss of blood. She was walking with one of her speech and hearing therapy students across the green. Caught in the gunfire, neither Sandra nor the young man had anything to do with the assembly of students on the green.

All four students were unarmed. None were over the age of 21. 

47 years later, as I write, the tears well up in my eyes. It made no damn sense then and it makes no damn sense now to kill someone who disagrees with you. All I can do is keep each of them in my heart. 

What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?
4 dead in Ohio.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Other Person

It's really easy to forget.

I do it all the time.

I get so caught up in "me and mine" that my vision gets cloudy and compromised.

At the beginning of my career, when I was a front line supervisor, I worked with a man who I believed was in a terminally bad mood. He never engaged in conversation, never smiled. Mostly he did his job and grumbled and complained.

I settled for him doing his job.

More important stuff to attend to ya know?

One evening I saw him smile and I asked him why the mood change?

His wife was confined to her bed with a chronic illness. The private duty nurse left at 11 pm. We left work at 7 am. She was alone for over 8 hours. Tonight was his last night on 3rd shift. Monday night he was headed to the 3 to 11 shift. The private duty nurse had agreed to stay until 11:30.


I take a walk most mornings. 

Being a creature of habit I don't vary my route. Consistency and all that jazz. 

One summer, a few years back, I would encounter the same woman waiting for the bus at the same bus stop each and every morning. I'd wave and shout a hearty "Good Morning!" when I passed by each day. She'd turn her head and grin. 

So it went, five days a week from early May until early August; and one morning as I motored past her I heard her say "Hey, hang on a minute.!"

She told me she appreciated my greeting each morning. She was home for the summer from college and this was her last day at work. 

She got real solemn. 

"I won't go into detail, but I've had a lotta challenges this summer and a lotta stress. It was always good to know that you were gonna be here every morning with that goofy grin, yelling GOOD MORNING and waving at me. It forced me to smile and I am grateful for that." 

The bus pulled up. She leaned in and gave me a quick hug and got on the bus. 


They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”

He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”

Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. Mark 8:22-25

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

your self confidence is the best weapon in your aresenal

It's never a blessing.

Oh, I know, you can Google search terminations and you'll get all sorts of encouragement like The 10 Best Things About Getting Fired. 

They are not driving home wondering Whats gonna happen to me now.

The 90's were not my decade. In the course of nine years I lost 3 jobs.  One was in Big Tobacco - nuff said! One in the automotive industry - The CEO guessed wrong on a start up in South America, by roughly 5 million dollars and suddenly the door was revolving at a rapid pace.

Bonus Tip: When a company begins selling its receivables, it's time to look for a new job. 
(Guess who didn't)

Finally, the cherry on the Sunday was uprooting my family to take a position in a company that was looking to acquire another company. I had experience in that area. 22 months later the board of directors decided to sell, rather than buy. The new company? They had one of me. 

Not exactly how I'd like to be identified as an expert, ya know. 

From time to time my phone will ring and it's someone who recently went through the experience themselves. Here's something I share with them. 

Don't Freak Out (Don't Blame Yourself Either)
There may be a million reasons you were terminated and in most cases you'll never figure them out.

Most company's will wrap themselves in the legal mumbo jumbo they paid their attorney's to write for them. This was designed for one reason and one reason only - To assure you don't win a huge settlement for unlawful termination. No matter how determined you may be, chances are no one is going to break the code of silence.

My point? Invest your energy in the things you can control, not the dragons you'll never fight!

Don't get me wrong. I immediately updated my resume and started knocking on doors. I even had a tentative job offer, that fell through at the last minute. To say I was despondent would be an understatement. I did FREAK OUT

I went to the final interview with the company and they told me "Someone made a terrible mistake in letting you assume you had the position. We are going to fill the position internally. We are very sorry for the confusion."

After I'd been rejected 3 times in less than 10 years, (That's how I looked at it at that time.) it dawned on me that God, The Universe, the angels,  the saints and a few ancestors were trying to tell me something - Start your own business.

Bonus Tip #2: Do you know a majority of small businesses are started from necessity? 

It's been 17 years since that morning in December of 1999. If you'd met me back then and heard my story you might not have been to keen on my future. For awhile neither was I.  I love what I do and I am learning to love the challenges every time I'm presented with one.

In the end, when I looked in the mirror, the only person staring back was me. Lottsa people care, lottsa people offer great advice but when the dust settles its up to me.

What sustains me through the dicey days is my innate belief that the path I am walking is the path I was meant to walk no matter how steep or muddy it becomes.

We got this.

Believe in us

Monday, March 20, 2017

The challenge of leadership

In those days, in their thirst for water,the people grumbled against Moses,saying, "Why did you ever make us leave Egypt?"
"Was it just to have us die here of thirst with our children and our livestock?"
So Moses cried out to the LORD, "What shall I do with this people?A little more and they will stone me!" Exodus 17:3-7

Today, we call them arm chair quarterbacks. 

When things are going well we can't find a fault with a magnifying glass. When they aren't, well, everyone knows WE could have accomplished the task quicker and with less controversy or drama.

"Was it just to have us die here of thirst with our children and our livestock?"

Despite the seminars, webinars and the you-too-can-be-an-effective-leader-in-twenty five-days-or-less; it's never easy. A friend of mine used to say Wal-Mart's been out of crystal balls for years. 

I've worked with some great leaders in my life. I've distilled  it to the the three things I believe are essential to being an effective leader.


I don't care how motivated you are, if you do not posses a skill set you will never have credibility with the people you are looking to lead.  Inspirational speeches are retained for roughly twenty five minutes after they are completed. If there is no substance, no guidance or direction, after awhile our people lose faith in us. 

We lose our integrity. 

I help new business owners create a foundation  that gets  them  started on the right foot and increases their chances for success. I've owned my own business for over seventeen years. I know what helps and I know what hurts and when I sit down with a client they feel comfortable and confident. I know who I CANT help and that increases my value in the marketplace. 

I spent part of my career in human resource management and early in my consulting gig I did lottsa interviewing and resume reviews for my clients. When someone comes to me and asks for help in preparing for an interview I can guide them based on my knowledge and the skills I acquired over my career

It's a matter of knowledge over opinion and opinions are like elbows - Everyone has one.

One of my very first coaching clients called me early one morning and his voice was a bit shaky! He'd recently been promoted to president and CEO of his company and he'd had a terrible cold for the past two weeks. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't get over the blahs. 

Then it started. 

I bet they're gonna sell the company! Did you see the worried look on the bosses face. He's under a lotta stress!

I heard there are gonna be layoffs. 

What do I do? he asked me

Tell em you're sick


I explained to him that people in leadership are under a microscope. Their every move is examined and evaluated and when we see signs of stress or worry we do what we always do - Assume the worst. 

Real leadership is hard work. It's why there are so very few real leaders.

It's not about passion. 

It's not about a slip of paper that says you have a degree in leadership. 

It's a blend of desire, knowledge and courage. No matter how hard the wind is blowing you maintain the confidence you have in your skills to lead. 

Years ago I had a supervisor who would close his door every afternoon about a half an hour before the work day ended. He was not to be disturbed. After I'd worked with him for a year or so I asked him what he did during that time. 

He smiled and told me to come to his office. 

On his desk was a legal pad and a pen. Written on the paper were 4 things he was going to do the next day when he arrived at work. Each day built on the next and if life, or work in our case, got in the way of completing his daily goals he carried them over to the next day. 

It allowed him to keep focused on what was going on that day and helped him plan for the days ahead. 

Through his consistent leadership we knew what was expected on a day to day basis. 

Skills + Confidence + Goals = No Surprises. 

Moses walked around the desert for 40 years on what should have been an 11 week journey. In short, it took 40 years to get it right. 

Can I ask you something? 

Do you have that kind of time?

John Jurkiewicz is the owner and operator of  New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives through gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for close to 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach.  He and his wife Joan have been married for over 42 years

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Don't Quit

I've had the opportunity to work with a number of interesting people during my career.

Some of them are memorable.

Steve was one of those people.

He was thrust into a leadership role and asked to salvage a company that was teetering on the brink of collapse. He'd never managed more that 5 people during his career and now he was faced with leading close to a thousand people at different locations.

He had hired me as his HR Director.

When things got to be challenging and it didn't look like we were going to pull through Steve would gather his team in a conference room and read to us.

"When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow - You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out - The silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."

He'd look up from the podium, smile and say Okay, lets get back to work. 

No great speeches or insights, butt busting or rallying cry. 

He left it there, hanging in the air. 

He left it there and so will I


Monday, February 20, 2017

contribute or commit?

The late Zig Ziglar told a story that went something like this:

The easiest way to determine a persons attitude about success is to look at a plate of bacon and eggs.
The chicken made a contribution 
The pig made a commitment

The first question I ask myself most mornings is Are you ready to commit today?

Commitment is hard. It's supposed to be. It means we throw all of our energy and focus into the thing(s) we want the most. 

It means no excuses

It means no giving up.

If it were easy anyone could do it. 

For me, that's the rub some mornings. I forget I am not just anyone. Anyone can find a million reasons to give up.

I can't and I won't

Some how and somewhere, someone convinced us it was supposed to be smooth sailing all the way. If you follow a certain prescription then when the day is done you are at the top of the heap.

Except when you aren't.

Ever play King of the Hill?

One person stands on a hill or mound and everyone tries to knock them off the perch. Then you become King of the Hill - Until someone knocks you off.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

You see, it's not an event frozen in time as some would want you to believe. It's a serpentine process. Almost like riding a roller coaster. One minute your hands are up in the air and you are screaming Woooooooo. What a rush. The next moment your stomach is in your throat and you are twisting and turning and clutching your chest for breath.

Once we are committed, there is no turning back. Good or bad we are in it for the long haul.

When the day is done I think that's how its supposed to be. We savor our victories, lick our wounds for a bit, snuggle under the covers and wait till mornings light gives us another opportunity to have at it agian.

Most us us?

We push through.

I think that's how its supposed to be.


John Jurkiewicz is the CEO of New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives by gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for over 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach. He and his wife Joan have been married for 42 years.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We have an opportunity.....

It's easy to throw stones, to defend our position as being the ONLY option available and suggest the other person has some deep, moral flaw for not agreeing with our take on things.

Some nights I lie in bed and wonder what we could do with the energy we expend on hatred and invest it in healing. I am not suggesting we give up our belief system(s). I am suggesting we start to get in touch with the part of us that can begin to heal.

Maybe we start by stopping all the hateful meme's, all the shrill and vulgar articles, most of which, on either side of the equation aren't factual just designed to inflame our passions.

We have the same hearts, the same minds and the same souls. We don't have a gene that says Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Socialist infused in us at conception. We do, however, possess the capacity to understand and to heal. That's one thing we all share in common.

It would be easy and convenient to do what so many have done here, "unfriend" the people whose points are a stone in our shoes. I choose to preach. What I'll preach is understanding, compassion and equality for everyone, not just the people who agree with me, or I with them.


It started as a one sentence tag for a meme I shared on Facebook recently.

I sat back and smiled when I read my own posting. I sounded like one of them-there old guys shaking his fist at the cosmos and yelling When I was a kid......

I grew up smack dab; dead in the middle of the Civil  Rights revolution. I saw in real time the remnants of Jim Crow and even 10 years after Brown v Board of Education people being refused equality in employment, housing and not being able to sit with other people in a restaurant or use the same rest room.I guess some things never change. The faces and the situations evolve but our prejudices don't

I was on a spring break when I walked into the house with a basket ball under my arm on April 4, 1968 and I hear Howard K. Smith from ABC News say, We interrupt this program..........  I do not understand and I never will.

I didn't hate. I don't now and I never will.

I walked down the block on June 6, 1968 to connect with the guy I walked to school with every day He asked You heard didn't you? They killed Bobby!

I didn't hate. I don't now and I never will.

Yeah, there was rioting and protesting and a very deep angst within a part of my generation.

I know what you are thinking. Just another old guy living somewhere in the past. 

We were for lottsa things. We were for peace, for justice and for equality and we did it in a way that showed were weren't against anything. We just wanted everyone to take notice and do their part.

We did not hate and sadly some of us have forgotten.

We forget about history unless Fox or CNN or our favorite internet media site directs us to believe it is only as long as the most recent news cycle. All great societies, from the beginning of time, have crumbled not from foreign invasion, disease or natural disaster, but from within . From the inability to resolve problems and issues.

From the inability to heal

Monday, February 6, 2017

don't let fear stand in the way of your success

I read awhile back, that human beings have only two emotions. One is love and the other is fear. Anytime we are faced with the great unknown, our fear kicks in and manifests itself in a lot of different ways.

We may lash out at someone or a group of someones

We may rely on a long ago ago hurt to be a millstone around our necks that keeps us from moving forward.

If you pause for a moment and close your eyes you can add your own "reasons"

Lemme ask you something?

How many times in your life have you had a conversation with yourself that went something like this:

Ya know, I wish I'd gone ahead  with  ***fill in the blank.*** 

I have.

What holds us back is fear. It's the fear of achieving those things we think about when we wake up in the middle of the night.

If I had a nickel............Better to be safe than to be sorry.

What I am learning is that fear along with failure is a natural part of a successful and fulfilled life.

I think about a quote the late Zig Ziglar shared once

If you want to know where you stand in life all you have to do is reflect on a plate of bacon and eggs. The chicken made a contribution but the pig made a commitment.

I ask myself which one am I?

Committing to something new is a scary proposition.

What if I fail? You will!

What if people doubt me? They will!

Do not let that stop you.

Don't let your fears stand in the way of your success

John Jurkiewicz is the CEO of New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives by gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for over 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach. He and his wife Joan have been married for 42 years.

Monday, January 30, 2017

You can farm with a tractor, quicker than you can with a plow - A Networking Tip

Jim and I were in deep discussion.

So the guy says to me, "Jim you know half the people in the Tri-State area." I looked at the guy and laughed and said "You know the other half." Shoot John, between me and you, we probably know everyone in the area.

He was right. We probably did know most people in the area.

But, you know what Jim? I've found that you can whittle that list down to people we BOTH know and get almost immediate results. Lemme tell you a story.

I met Julie by accident at a networking event a little over a year ago. I say by accident because she stopped in after the event was completed to get a client of hers to sign some paperwork. Our mutual acquaintance did the proverbial You two should get to know one another. 

Small talk ensued.

I found out a co-worker of hers was someone I'd known for some time. He went to high school with a few of my children. I trusted and respected his opinion.  We exchanged business cards and before I was out of the parking lot I was on the phone with our mutual acquaintance - Jody

Just have one question for you my friend. Is Julie the real deal? 

She was, and more. Jody went on to ask me if I knew a host of other people. I did. I respected and trusted each of them. Those references went a long way to creating an almost instant credibility for Julie in my eyes.

During the next year we have had an opportunity to refer clients to each other. In one case she was able to assist a family member of mine who walked away not only satisfied but impressed. Any time I run across someone who might benefit from her expertise she is on the top of my list to refer them to.

We could have done the dance - You know, met for coffee a few times, felt each other out - You know the drill. Well, the easiest way to describe it is the difference between email and snail mail.

Jim nodded his head and said it made sense.

We live in a fast paced, no time for second thoughts world today. Yes, I agree with Dr. Ivan Misner:

But, maybe in our world today instead of farming with a plow, we use a tractor.

Those business cards you collect? Put them to good use! Create a wide network of people. You never know when you'll meet a Julie!!

John Jurkiewicz is the CEO of New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives by gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for over 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach. He and his wife Joan have been married for 42 years.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Her last last known address was Muhl Gasse 43 Flat 3, Lodz Poland.

In the summer of 1941 she was packed into a truck along with a dozen other people. As the truck sped towards the Chelmno  extermination camp the driver dropped a canister of gas into the ventilation system. By the time they arrived all its occupants were dead from suffocation. Their scratch marks were visible from the inside of the trucks doors. 

She was 6. 

Her name was Dobra Jurkiewicz. She was a Jew and a resident of the Lodz Ghetto. 

Over 200 people who shared my last name from the city my family immigrated from in Poland, were executed in the same manner, for the same reason, because they were Jews. 

My family argues with me that I can't be sure they we are related. I argue back that it really doesn't matter. 

My uncle Walter Kozinski escpaped from Aushwitz-Birkinau. 

My fathers close friend and co-worker Franz Bergsma watched the Nazi's execute his parents in front of him at their home in Belgium. 

I sat in a coffee shop Monday with a friend whose grandmothers both survived the death camp experience. They never spoke of it. My Uncle Walter never did either. 

I shared with her the story of how my family is skeptical of my claim to our heritage and she looked at me and said It doesnt matter, it's part of your story. 

Each day of my life is day of remembrance. 

If I do not

Who will?

It is part of my story.

She would have been 81 this year.

Never again. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

who are the people in your neighborhood?

It can be overwhelming at times. There are so many ways to get your message out  to the people you want to connect with. It can  make your head spin.

Which one is best? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn?

When I'm introduced to someone for the first time and I get the feeling we might be kindred spirits I create time to meet with them 1-2-1, face to face. It affords both of us the time to get to know each other better.

The first question I ask:

What can I do for you?

Most of us are wary of  being sold. You know: Glad to meet you John! Let me share with you how my product or service can help make your life better..... When we meet with someone for the first time our guard is up. We are investing time and we want to be assured our investment is safe and sound. The quickest way to end a 1-2-1 meeting with me is to throw me the old sales pitch. Ugh.

Look, I get it! You are in business to make money just like everyone else. If you're in sales..... Lemme rephrase that. We are all in sales and we all begin as skeptics.

I want to know about them!

Who is their ideal customer?

When I can match someone in my network with someone they might be able to help I'll ask:

I know someone who might be interested in what you do and your services. Can I give them your contact information? 

I can't recall anyone who has ever said no.

You may forget about a lotta things and a bunch of people but lemme ask you something? Do you ever forget about a person who reached out and helped you, especially if it leads to expanding your business reach and increasing your own network?

I did not think so.

Dr Ivan Misner, the founder of Business Network International said It's all about farming not hunting. 

Creating a relationship with someone and helping them to be successful is the greatest and best way of  generating trust and creating integrity I know.

John Jurkiewicz is the CEO of New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives by gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for over 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach. He and his wife Joan have been married for 42 years.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A leaders true role

Mr. Jurkiewicz let me give you a piece of advice that will go a long way in determining whether you are going to be successful or not as a supervisor. He stuck out his arm and pointed towards the production line I was in charge of. 

Every one of these people will go home tonight and sit around the dinner table with their families. At some point in the dinner conversation their spouse will ask them how work went today. Your attitude, your behavior and your perception of their value will  go a long way  in determining  their answer. 

"We had a tough day, nothing seemed to go right but ya know it's not a bad place to work. My boss is okay. He's new but he's learning and he treats me okay." or "I hate the darn place. All they do is push, push push until you are so stressed out. This new guy? He's a real pip. He's ate up with himself."

Now listen carefully Mr Jurkiewicz. Sitting at that dinner table are little Sammy and little Sally. They take in everything mom and dad say. When they hear work may be tough but they'll be treated fairly; when the day comes for them to start a career they'll have a positive attitude. But, if they hear work is a real struggle and they'll never be treated right; when the day comes for them to begin their career they'll walk in full of  fear and trepidation. You not only affect the people you work with currently but the people you may be working with 10 to 15 years from now. It's entirely up to you!

You may think your job is solely to produce a quality product for our customers but it runs much deeper than that. That outcome will only be reached when you learn to treat people with dignity and respect. 

It was my first experience managing and leading people in the workplace. I was 22 years old and had about as much expertise and knowledge in leadership  as I did about speaking Mandarin Chinese. There was no Tony Robbins, no Wayne Dyer. Mindfulness meant you showed up on time and did your job. Most of the people in my charge were at least twice my age..

The soliloquy that opened this blog came from my immediate supervisor at the time. I can tell you that 43 years later it is still valuable advice. While the internet and other media sources provide additional information most kids growing up still take their cue from mom or dad. I can tell you that while my father is 5 years gone and my mother a whisper of herself in a memory care facility their beliefs and perceptions still have an impression on how I live my life.

My first boss moved on to other things but his words didn't. I have found a simple key to success as a leader and manager is to treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.

I wasn't always liked but I believe I was always respected because I never thought for one moment that my rank or title made me any better than any of the people I'd worked with. Without those people I am just another chubby kid from the south side of Milwaukee.

I could give you 5 bullet point on how to "be better." You don't need them. True leadership is realizing you and the person across the conference room table, counter or shop floor adds as much value to your process as you do.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's your mill stone of choice?

We all have them. You know, the things that hold us back, make us kick the wall and curse.

They are the things we choose, emphasis on choose, to evaluate ourselves with.

I'll be successful when I have a million dollars

When I lose 100 pounds I'll be loved, actualized and adored

It's all about power to me. I need it to survive. 

And when we don't reach those goals? 

I have been working with people all my life. I've been encouraging, motivating, cajoling, challenging...........

We all have that mill stone that prevents us from enjoying the success we so richly deserve. . It may be our self worth or our past or "those things we don't have that everyone else does have."

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
What do you see?

Do you see the power house of potential that lies just beneath the surface?

Make this the year you reach for it, embrace and allow it to snap the chain that holds the heavy weight of the past that is holding you back.


John Jurkiewicz is the CEO of New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives by gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for over 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach. He and his wife Joan have been married for 42 years.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why setting goals can be scarier than dating Taylor Swift

Have you seen them lately? 
Yeah, wow, do you know how they did it? They look amazing!
They lost 450 pounds, ran three marathons in the past 10 weeks
They just finished their 3rd book. 
I hear they're getting ready for a nationwide motivational speaking tour!

Okay, that's not whats really happens but often it's what we hear. Someone we know makes a dramatic life change and we immediately begin to look at ourselves and sigh.  -- Better get busy

All of sudden we feel compelled to keep pace. 

How do we create success through goal setting? 

Discover what’s motivating you.
When one of my sons was in middle school he compiled a list of things that he believed would give him access to the select fraternity of “cool kids.” He worked hard to earn the money to buy the things he felt would admit him to this select fraternity of class mates. One Saturday we took him to the mall with his list and bought the things he’d worked for.

Monday morning, the people he’d wanted to impress looked at him, smiled, said “cool” and walked away.

We read a book, attend a webinar and fall prey to some crafty marketing and suddenly we are lock step in line with the rest of creation. Sometimes we get the feeling we are being bullied into being like everyone else.

 It’s got to be right, right? Everyone is doing it!!! Everyone’s goals aren’t always our goals.

Avoid the “I’m Gonna Syndrome”
Start with the here and now.  One of the traps we fall into is projecting too far into the future. In other words, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

When I am working towards something that is new or unique to my experience I like to break it down into monthly or even weekly achievements.

I started running at age fifty-seven. – I didn’t have a clue. Do you just walk out the door and run until you can’t run anymore?  

I found a pod cast called Couch to 5K. It started with a lot of walking and ended with me being able to comfortably run. It was divided into 12 week segments. I had to repeat some of the segments because I felt my endurance wasn’t good enough to move on to the next level and after four months of preparation I reached my goal.  -   I competed in my first 5K run.  

The best kept secret about setting an effective goal is that ninety-nine percent of the activity occurs internally. One success leads to another success. It’s the domino theory. With each success, we feel empowered to reach and stretch a bit farther.

Every week I ran a bit father and my endurance improved and one morning I ran the full 3.1 miles.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.
When I started training for my first 5K the podcast program I used told me that in 12 weeks I'd be running like the wind.

I wasn't. It took me 16 weeks.

My endurance wasn't always  on par with the program.

What I had to remind myself of was that my goal was to run a 5K not complete a training program. The program was a means to an end and if it took a bit longer than I'd imagined when I first set the goal, so be it.

Shout 'em from the roof tops.
The more people who know what I am up to, the more accountable I'll be and when I waver or feel like quiting,  I ask myself, Do you really wanna explain to all those people why you gave up? 

There's another benefit in sharing - Support. Anytime I share a goal of mine and keep it front and center for the whole world to see I am always surprised the support I receive.

There ya go. Four tips that may make the difference between success and failure.

Whatcha' waitin' for?