Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fighting The Gym Membership Mentality

Yeah, it's that time of year.

Our inboxes are flooded with all sorts of exhortations to "Make huge changes in the upcoming year."

There are all sorts of products, potions and guaranteed paths for you and I to live healthy, happy and more prosperous lives.

So we pay the piper and sit back and wait, and wait and wait and wait.

I drank the Kool Aid, ponied up the cash (or VISA card) and nothing happened. Faker! Fraud! Phony! I have been deceived!!!

Well ya have. Just not by who you think you have.

My workout buddy leaned over on the elliptical this morning and nudged me

Hear they come. 


The Get Healthy Quick group. 

I looked over and saw a gaggle of hopeful souls being given a tour by the membership manager who was about to burst out of the tee shirt he was wearing. Like Moses leading the people to the promised land he gestured and barked towards the sweaty souls whose muscles quivered with every stroke.

On January 1 the walking track will be as busy as the 405 at rush hour. By Valentines Day it will be Ghost Town on the River.

It's the Gym Membership Mentality and it permeates every aspect of our modern lives.

Someone paints a picture of who we wanna be and we affirm that belief by signing on the dotted line and wait for some sort of magical transformation to occur. No one tells us that those folks with the shimmering muscles made a long term investment in their prosperity and it was the hard work not the VISA card that made the ultimate difference.

It permeates every aspect of our modern lives.

We wanna believe in the good guys, in the promise of what we deserve and as soon as someone pushes the right set of buttons be believe The Promised Land appears before our eyes.

It may not be joining a gym or opting in to a weight loss program.

It may be the promise of a six figure income, the partner of your dreams, or the career you have always coveted. We listen to and read testimonials and our intentions are good.

But sometimes we forget.

So here is a reminder for you and I:
  • Everything worthwhile has a personal cost
  • Don't let a few setbacks ever define who you are
  • As long as you compare your situation to other peoples, you will never feel good about yourself, 
When the day is done we have to ask ourselves Am I making a long term investment or am I grasping for the flavor on the month.