Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Days of Service

Without the internet you wouldn't be reading this blog.

Without the internet the term blog might refer to a clog in your kitchen sink.

At every moment of every day we have the power and the capacity to share our thoughts and ideas with the universe, and everyone in it!

Sit back and reflect on that for a moment - It's a scary thought. 

Get on with it, John.

The problem is, we're conditioned to believe that success is linked to activity. No, let me strike that thought.

We are conditioned to believe that success is linked to constant activity. Like good little drones we follow the prescription of the guru's or as Bushra Azhar so succinctly puts it The Poo-roos. 

Like quick silver running through our hands we cant understand why we are not as happy, healthy, and successful as the smiling faces that stare back at us from their own private island somewhere in the south Pacific.

Days of service.


From time to time I record a YouTube video, about 5 to 7 minutes in length. That's the fun part. With content creation, preparation, both artistic and technical I invest close to 2 hours for every minute show.

It's not the smiling face staring back at you that makes it worthwhile and engaging. It's the work ahead of time that decides whether it will be a success or not.

Day of service.

No one may read what you write, broadcast or create but your dedication to your craft continues until one day , people take notice and you and your business are on their way.

Days of service aren't sexy.

You write, you post, you learn and you hope for the best. No one but you understands that better

John Jurkiewicz is the owner and operator of  New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives through gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for close to 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach.  He and his wife Joan have been married for over 42 years