Monday, October 31, 2016

But Does it Play in Peoria?

On top of being good looking I read minds. I know what you're thinking.

There's no such thing as a bad idea, John!!

Uhm, yeah, there are - Lots of em'

I should know.

According to a recent personality profile excercise I participated in I am a quick decision maker. In the parlance of the day my gut feeling about a situation over rules my heart and my head.

It gets worse.

According to the statistics gathered through the testing agency I represent a whooping 3% of the total population. Me, Napoleon and Donald Trump. Apparently it is how I am hard wired. So, like a puppy with a blanket in its mouth I don't usually give up until the gosh darn thing is in tatters.

Sigh. There is hope. If you react to situations the way I do here are a few tips to help you avoid the land mines of bad decision making. I've found that they help me create some balance in my life and some sanity for those around me.

"Will It Play In Peoria?"
Comedian Groucho Marx was credited with coining this phrase during his vaudeville days. The belief is that if a show was successful in Peoria, Illinois it would like be successful any where. If not, it was rewritten, recast or abandoned all together. Laugh if you will but in the 1970's Pampers, McDonald's and Coca Cola all test marketed certain products in Peoria.

If you have an idea or a product that just keeps nagging at your creative soul and makes you want to sell your home and your oldest child's birth right, before you do, find a group of really critical people and let them pick it apart. See how it plays to a group of users. If it comes out relativity unscathed you might have a good idea. If not see Groucho Marx above - rewrite, recast or abandon.

Find a few people who care enough to hurt your feelings
There are a few people in my life whose opinions I respect so much that I won't be offended when they clear their throats and ask Are you nuts, John!?

These folks are known as trusted advisers and they will cut through all the miscellaneous baloney and let you know when they think you are flirting with disaster. They care enough about you and your well being to be open and often blunt in their opinions.

I can tell you from personal experience they have saved me from stepping in it, so to speak, more than once. It reminds me of meme I saw recently

I asked some people I respect to act as an advisory group for me and my business. I will pitch ideas and they'll take great delight in shooting holes in them. 

Seriousley, though. 

I know it is easy for me to develop tunnel vision in a hurry so I need that "Hang on a minute John." group to help me keep balance

But Just Because It Won't Work Today..............
I have a drawer full of scribbles and doodles of ideas that that never got off the launching pad. Not yet at least!!

Way back in the mid-1980's I was working for a large company in its operations department. Some genius from our training and development department decided that it would be really cool to have our employee's evaluate us as managers. No one took the bait and the creator gave up.

Isn't this process part of the 360 Degree Feedback Process that many company's use to evaluate talent in today's workplace? The idea needed time to gain acceptance and once it did........... The rest is history

Commit those ideas to writing because you never know when an opportunity may come along and suddenly that really crazy idea makes you look like a genius.

Be Here Now! ~ Dr. Ivan Misner
Living in the present sucks sometimes, but it's necessary.

I.m not asking you to give up on your dreams or goals. I am asking you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and evaluate your own personal and business "NOWS."

There are many people who earn their money telling us to think and dream big. They share a story or a process that created success for them.

"For Them."

That's all for now. I have some cats I need to try and herd