Sunday, September 11, 2016

You Want Me to Do WHAT?

We don't talk about forgiveness in the workplace a whole lot . It means we'd have to face up to all sorts of stuff that we'd rather not talk about.

Makes ya a bit squeamish doesn't it?

Pride goes before the fall and all that stuff.

I know people whose mission in life is to help us improve our physical well being. They are  vigilant about warning us of the dangers the food we ingest and how our life style affects the quality of our life.

For the life of me, I can't think of anyone who takes us on a journey of exploring and examining the toxicity we allow in our minds and souls on a day to day basis.

I'm not talking about in-your-face intervention. I'm talking about a moment of personal reckoning

Jerusalem, wake up! Stand up!
You’ve drunk too much
from the cup filled
with the Lord’s anger.
You have swallowed every drop,
and you can’t walk straight.
~Isaiah 51:17

If I wasn't awake when I read that passage I was afterwards. 

Holy Cow! Don't pull any punches or anything. 

The next few verses of that chapter go on to talk about being consumed with anger and malice towards our enemies and how God is willing to remove it from us. 

Isaiah challenges us to walk straight, to go beyond our anger towards those folks we hold hostage in our minds. 

It's an act of courage that creates wholeness and renewal  within. 

Have a blessed week.