Sunday, September 25, 2016

Better Slaves

Did that cause your eyes to shoot wide open as it did mine the first time I heard it?


Bear with me.

The people of Israel were held captive in Egypt. Their main job - to make bricks. Straw is a key component in the ancient brick making process. Without it you have no brick.

Each morning the Egyptians would deposit a pile of straw in front of the Israelite's. Along with it, their quota of bricks for the day. Each day they met their quota,so the king kept raising their quota and they were equal to the task.

The king couldn't figure out how these people kept rising to the challenge so he told the supervisors to quit gathering straw. Let them gather their own and keep the same quota's in place.

That would fix their wagon!

So, the people of Israel gathered together in prayer and they asked God to help them meet their quota's and gather more straw.

Pretty inspirational huh?

Ask and you shall receive. I mean that's the whole point of the Bible, right? God grants favor to those who are in agreement with him, right?

So, I am driving down the road listening to this story from Joel Osteen, when he completely blows my mind.

He says that in reality they were asking God to make them better slaves.

They weren't praying for abundance, freedom, or all those amazing things we are promised if we are in agreement with God.

Ever have a Whoaaa and Ah-Ha moment at the same time? (It can be a bit dicey)

Lord, help us make it to pay day. We'll be forever grateful. 

Lord, if I can be pain free for just a day or so.......

Lord, I am asking you to help me keep my job.

When I do that, I'm not asking for abundance or for prosperity in my life. I am asking to be a better slave. I am asking to keep my current condition.

Wanna know why?

I don't believe I deserve any more than what I have. I'm just grateful God doesn't turn around and squash me like a bug.

Abundance? Favor? Prosperity? - They're for everyone else.

People ask me all the time: What is it you actually do, John? 

When I heard that broadcast the  other day it all became clear.

Quit praying to be a better slave. 

In my next two or three blogs, I am going to share with you how I got to be where I am in this journey. Some of it,I have never shared with anyone. 

I think It's time. 

John Jurkiewicz is the owner and operator of  New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives through gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for close to 17 years. John is certified as life coach, a career coach and an intuitive career coach.  He and his wife Joan have been married for over 42 years