Friday, September 30, 2016

A Good Coach Is..................

But how do you know?

I have been helping people find their career, life and relationship goals since mid- 2001. Back then there weren't as many of us as there are today and if you think the coaching profession lacks regulation in 2016, you should have seen it in its infancy. The Wild West comes to mind.

Most of us are qualified in the area(s) we coach in, authentic, honest and chock full of integrity. We don't over-promise, don't over sell and don't promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars. We are fair and equitable in what we charge for our services........

Okay, you get the point.

Let me make another via story, if I may.

I have a friend who will not come within a hundred yards of a peach, much less eat one. They had a bad experience and they haven't forgotten it. I've tried to tell them that one bad peach isn't representative of all peaches but our experiences can leave very vivid impressions.

Unfortunately, there isn't much difference between a bad peach and an unqualified or ill prepared coach. Once we have a bad experience we will remember it for a long, long time.

So, HOW do you know?

Let me share nine things to look for in a business coach. (Or any coach for that matter!)

  • What is their experience and expertise in their field?
  • Are they a good teacher?
  • What are their expectations of you?
  • Are they are accessible?
  • What's their attitude towards coaching? 
  • Who are their connections?
  • Will they hold you accountable?
  • Are they willing to listen to you?
  • Are they working with a coach themselves? 
From The 8 Qualities, You Need to Look for in a Business Coach by Stephen Key. The ninth item is my personal contribution. 

Clear as mud, hey? That is quite a lot to digest in one sitting. 

Over the next few days, I am going to break each point down in a separate blog so you have a clear understanding of where and with who you should invest your resources. 

As a mentor of mine once said: Stay tuned, there is more to come.

The above information  is a guideline based on the author's experience in coaching. Before choosing a coach make sure they meet your needs, both career and financial. (My lawyers always feel better when I say that.)

John Jurkiewicz is the owner and operator of  New Career Creations a unique approach to happiness and success in our lives through gaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our careers. He has over forty years of experience in operation management, human resource management, training and development and has owned his own business for close to 17 years. John is certified as a life coach, a career coach, and an intuitive career coach.  He and his wife Joan have been married for over 42 years