Thursday, August 25, 2016

Living With Ghosts

The late Zig Ziglar once said that it's okay to visit pity city. You just can't build a house there.

I think it's the same with our past.

We can look at it. We can learn from it. We can pause for a moment or two.

But really? It's not much more than a reference point.

It's tucked away in layers of dust or in dark corners. Maybe it only pops up at 4 AM

Sometimes it puts the brakes on our future --- A grim reminder from deep inside that says we are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough.

Men don't.............

Women dont................

You're too.............

It's like a hand that reaches into the back of our waist band and holds us tight and forever treading water. Or so it seems

Our past is a reminder of where we've been and how far we've come. Maybe it's not always been at the speed we'd like.

Each of us has a  mission and purpose that only comes from looking forward not back

It is where we get our sense of purpose in our lives and in our careers.

It is a point of reference when I'm feeling stuck.  I can look over my shoulder and marvel just how far I've come since.............. Well, you fill in your own blank.

We all have one.

What matters is how we look at it and what we do with it

Otherwise we just living with ghosts