Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kid Fears

It ended with a hug.

Not one of those hugs that's taken the place of a handshake.

It was a full on hug and after a second or two I started counting. When he released it he looked at me and said thank you.

His company had hired me to see if I could coach him through some basic supervisory skills. His immediate supervisor told me that if his father hadn't owned the company he'd have been terminated after a week.

Could I help him?

He pulled up to our first meeting in a brand new Cadillac Escolade - An incentive from his dad to perform well. He waved his VISA gold card around enough that the serving staff paid really close attention to us. He ordered way more food than he could eat and didn't seem to concerned about throwing most of it away.

I wanna apologize for having to cancel on you last week. I got hit with a DWUI and it took my dad's lawyer a day or so to get it take care of. 

He winked.

Dad had left when he was 5 yeas old. The lure of success was more attractive then a wife and a child. Other than the monthly support check, dad was pretty much out of his life.

When he needed a job dad decided it was time to make up for twenty plus years of neglect and mandated that he be given a responsible position and a hefty salary.

For a long time dad was the only one in the company who slept well at night.

We spent three months eating lunch together once a week and I'd like to tell you that he did the proverbial 180 and went on to do great things.

If I told you that then this would be a work of fiction.

I do not consider my time with him a waste.

That hug I told you about?

That hug reminded me of the hugs my adult children give me from time to time. So, maybe, just for 10 seconds or so, he felt validated as a human being, accepted for who he was and just a smidgen secure.


In other words you're a life coach?

I'd appear to look offended and hurt.

Uh, no. I am a career development coach who specializes in the areas of small business, career transition and workplace relationships. 

I had to pause to catch my breath in the middle of that dissertation.

So you're a life coach. 


Are you on fire
From the years?
What would you give for your
Kid fears?