Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not Just Anyone...........

What does someone have to do to become a coach?

Good question!! It's a largely unregulated profession and each major certification group claims they are the best!!

So............ I can call myself a coach. 

Yes you can but there is a difference between being a coach and being a successful coach. 

Lunch conversation with folks from my BNI Chapter

Could ya hop in the time machine with me for a few minutes?

In 1999 I found myself the victim of a corporate takeover.  "They had one of me."  A few weeks later I decided to start my own consulting business. I had a background in human resource management and training and development. I concentrated on  compliance issues. I was told I  had a good perspective of the "real world."

My first formal coaching experience came two years later and I didn't know what I was doing was coaching until much later. My work with a new CEO helped stop a 40 year old business from going bankrupt.

Suddenly it was about much more than human resources.

Okay, you didn't stop by here to read This Your Life.

Lemme cut to the chase.

You have to know what you are talking about

I highlighted those words in red for a reason. 

I run across  coaches whose foundation is telling you what a great person you are, sharing a few inspirational phrases with you and giving you a hug. 

I believe in all those things (Well maybe not the hug, lol)   but they're not all I believe in. 

I've started my own business. I've gone through a number of career changes. I've been there in practice, not only in theory. 

I wanna repeat that last line

 I've been there in practice, not only in theory. 

I am not alone. There are thousands of coaches out there that can help you create a foundation for your career and help you focus on the goals and activities that matter.

The best coaches?

They ask questions and make observations because they've slipped on the banana peel a time or two themselves.

If you want someone to reinforce your current behavior you may want to look at getting a puppy.

If you are looking for an opportunity to flex those mental and emotional muscles and create genuine success for yourself, hire a qualified coach.

This concept goes beyond coaching.

Want to look good - Hire a professional photographer.

Need a web page - Find a creative web designer.

Ready to get away from it all - A qualified travel agent is your ticket.

We're called professionals for a reason and we are here to help you reach your goals