Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Simple........... It's Just Not Easy

Taking responsibility for your own actions (or lack thereof)
is one of the greatest mindset shifts
you will ever experience
for your life success - Frederique Murphy

It's easy to point a finger, shout an epithet or place the blame a long way from myself. 

It's those folks in Washington, or the state capital. Some days it's those crazy people walking up and down the street waving their signs and demanding one thing or another.

It's people who do not think and act the way I do that keep putting obstacles before me. 

It's every body except me. 

Life is a tsunami. It's overwhelming and my small, strident voice doesn't really matter.. 

A few years ago I read a posting somewhere that shared the 10 things I could do to live a successful life. The very first was:

Take 100% accountability for your life. 

I can't tell you what 2 through 10 were. I've never gotten past number 1. Oh, I'm better about it then I was way back when. There are still those times.........

It's simple but it is never easy. 

I could go on and on, harp a little, preach a lot but that would defeat the purpose. 

Accountability is simple but it is never easy. 

Your turn. 

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