Saturday, July 30, 2016

We Forget

She would have been 80 years old this year

One morning in September of 1942 she was herded into the streets and asked to kneel down along side other children.

One by one they were shot in the back of the head.

The Nazi's called it an efficient and effective way of managing the Jewish population. The ghetto was over crowded.

They were "removed."

Her mother was a tailors assistant  and was deported to the Chelmno death camp in October of 1942

They lived in a cramped apartment - Muhl Gasse 43, Flat 3. Lodz, Poland

She and her mother are buried in the Lodz Cemetery, Women's Quarter Section U-IX Left. It is a mass grave

Her name was Dobra.  She was 6.

Her mother's name was Alta. She was 32

Their last name was Jurkiewicz, the same as mine.

My family immigrated to the United States from Lodz. Records show that over 200 people with my last name, from Lodz were exterminated by the Nazi's during the Holocaust. Dobra and Alta were two of many

There are members of my family that ask Yeah but how do you know if they were.........

My answer is always the same  Does it matter?

The wick on my life candle is slowly burning down and the possibility of standing before the mass grave they lie in to tell them I do remember and always will remember is slowly slipping away.

Each year, at an appointed time I retrieve a paper that has all 200 plus names. Softly I repeat each name.

I will not foget

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not Just Anyone...........

What does someone have to do to become a coach?

Good question!! It's a largely unregulated profession and each major certification group claims they are the best!!

So............ I can call myself a coach. 

Yes you can but there is a difference between being a coach and being a successful coach. 

Lunch conversation with folks from my BNI Chapter

Could ya hop in the time machine with me for a few minutes?

In 1999 I found myself the victim of a corporate takeover.  "They had one of me."  A few weeks later I decided to start my own consulting business. I had a background in human resource management and training and development. I concentrated on  compliance issues. I was told I  had a good perspective of the "real world."

My first formal coaching experience came two years later and I didn't know what I was doing was coaching until much later. My work with a new CEO helped stop a 40 year old business from going bankrupt.

Suddenly it was about much more than human resources.

Okay, you didn't stop by here to read This Your Life.

Lemme cut to the chase.

You have to know what you are talking about

I highlighted those words in red for a reason. 

I run across  coaches whose foundation is telling you what a great person you are, sharing a few inspirational phrases with you and giving you a hug. 

I believe in all those things (Well maybe not the hug, lol)   but they're not all I believe in. 

I've started my own business. I've gone through a number of career changes. I've been there in practice, not only in theory. 

I wanna repeat that last line

 I've been there in practice, not only in theory. 

I am not alone. There are thousands of coaches out there that can help you create a foundation for your career and help you focus on the goals and activities that matter.

The best coaches?

They ask questions and make observations because they've slipped on the banana peel a time or two themselves.

If you want someone to reinforce your current behavior you may want to look at getting a puppy.

If you are looking for an opportunity to flex those mental and emotional muscles and create genuine success for yourself, hire a qualified coach.

This concept goes beyond coaching.

Want to look good - Hire a professional photographer.

Need a web page - Find a creative web designer.

Ready to get away from it all - A qualified travel agent is your ticket.

We're called professionals for a reason and we are here to help you reach your goals

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"But What If They Don't Like Me."

It runs deeper than the job.

We don't want to admit it to ourselves but we spend a fair amount of time worrying what other people think about what we say, what we do and who we are.

To some it can be crippling and derail an otherwise promising life and career.

We'd like to think we're evaluated solely on how we perform. If the numbers line up then we're okay.

Deep down inside we think otherwise.

Like a self conscious adolescent we pick and fuss at the emotional pimple that appears larger than life to us and almost insignificant to most people.

Most people are struggling to like themselves

I could sit here, throw a few platitudes at you and hit publish.

You've heard them  all before.

Indulge me for a moment, okay?

A year or so ago I made the choice to be open and vulnerable in a blog posting. I wanted  to let people know that no matter who you are, it is okay to be yourself as long as you are honest and sincere.

I can't recall the context but I talked about how my wife Joan has offered me a tremendous amount of support when my business was just starting and things were a bit shaky. Bills were coming due and I was over analyzing every decision I'd ever made. I was judging myself and the verdict was harsh and OMG what are other people gonna think about me!

I'm sitting at my desk staring off into space and Joan walks into my office

You worry about your business and you let me worry about the bills. 

I hit publish and a day later I received a scathing rebuke from a reader. They told me I wasn't much of a business person if I couldn't pay my bills and I shouldn't be handing out business advice.

It stung. It hurt. I went into self judgment mode big time, pulled into my shell and closed the curtains.

And then I saw the meme I posted at the beginning of this blog and it dawned on me the person that blasted me had some issues to deal with themselves.

They didn't like being reminded of them.

I don't either.

As that famous philosopher Popeye The Sailor Man once said

I am's what I am and that's all that I am's

I am learning to be at peace with that. 

And you?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Simple........... It's Just Not Easy

Taking responsibility for your own actions (or lack thereof)
is one of the greatest mindset shifts
you will ever experience
for your life success - Frederique Murphy

It's easy to point a finger, shout an epithet or place the blame a long way from myself. 

It's those folks in Washington, or the state capital. Some days it's those crazy people walking up and down the street waving their signs and demanding one thing or another.

It's people who do not think and act the way I do that keep putting obstacles before me. 

It's every body except me. 

Life is a tsunami. It's overwhelming and my small, strident voice doesn't really matter.. 

A few years ago I read a posting somewhere that shared the 10 things I could do to live a successful life. The very first was:

Take 100% accountability for your life. 

I can't tell you what 2 through 10 were. I've never gotten past number 1. Oh, I'm better about it then I was way back when. There are still those times.........

It's simple but it is never easy. 

I could go on and on, harp a little, preach a lot but that would defeat the purpose. 

Accountability is simple but it is never easy. 

Your turn. 

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