Thursday, April 21, 2016

Who Did You Help Today?

My mother was a firm believer in confessing your sins.

Every other Saturday we'd stand in a long line with other sinners and wait to "go to confession."

My brother and I didn't have to hard of a time coming up with sins. We were at each others throats on a regular basis and when we weren't fighting we were imagining all sorts of sinful acts of mayhem to be committed upon each other.

One I hit puberty it got much easier - Lustful thought and all.

This may sound self serving and arrogant but I don't consider myself a huge sinner. Faults and bad habits, yes I have, but sins?

I've been lost and confused but never broken. I've always felt God is right here and right now.

With that comes a responsibility of sorts.

Each night when my head hits the pillow I ask my self two accountibility questions:

Who did you help today? 

Who helped you today?

It's a quick review of where I used my gifts and talents to help someone along the way. Nothing award winning, just making sure I honor God by using the gifts he gave me in the best possible way.

The second question is always a bit harder to answer. It assumes I LET someone assist me. It assumes I don't know EVERYTHING.

That can be difficult

i end my reverie with a prayer of thanks for all I have and all I've been given.

It's more uplifting than standing in line twice each month and contemplating what I've done wrong.