Monday, January 25, 2016

A Glimpse of the Future

I believe I'd be standing on pretty firm ground if I said most people don't jump up and down when they're told they have to go to a meeting. It's a disruption in our day. Sometimes it has no purpose other than to schedule yet another meeting.

Ever wonder why?

Go back in time to a place where you were learning and forming and picking up all sorts of habits and practices, - Organizational skills, Communication skills - things like that.

They were learned behaviors.

I hopped on the exercise bike at the gym this morning and  I am watching the news on PBS. There is a story about kids the primary grades and how much learning has changed since Abe Lincoln and I attended middle school together.

It seems that each day these future leaders in our workplace have a morning meeting. During this meeting, through a guided type of consensus by their teacher, they set an agenda. She has all sorts of cards with activities on them and they arrange them in the order they would like to see the day unfold.

I know, I know!!! Chaos, anarchy and things like that!!!

That was my initial reaction. (Actually I'd have arranged the day like this - Snack, recess, snack, recess, lunch, nap, lets pack up to go home.)

The more I watched the story unfold the more I saw that these kids knew, albeit, with a bit of guidance, the priority of things for each day. They strategized , side stepped obstacles, were careful not to load to many activities on the front end or the back end. There were some disagreements but I was amazed they were handled intellectually and not emotionally.

The thought struck me that I'd had the privilege of seeing a glimpse of the future. Twenty years from now these children will be well equipped to lead a workplace that will prosper through consensus building and agreement. It's a workplace that will recognize accomplishment.

Most importantly they won't be sitting in a conference room muttering "Who called this meeting?"