Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Which One Are You?

It's hard being me and I'll bet some days it's hard being you.

There is so much pressure to be part of everything that's swirling around us.

I call it the cool kids lunch table phenomenon: At some point in time all of us wanted to be with the cool kids and if we WERE one of the cool kids we felt the pressure to stay there.

Some days it's a monkey-see-monkey-do sorta world. Ya know?

You walk into a large networking event and you almost lose your breath. It can be over whelming and you're not sure where to start.

Are all of these people potential clients? No.

Are many of these people potential contacts? YES!

In his book The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell suggests there are three types of people that influence us.

The Connector
The Connector knows people.  There may be other people who know more people than the Connector but their value lies in knowing the right people. They know people who make decisions and who have influence. They know the right people.

They are the person at the networking event who takes you by the elbow and says "I'm going to introduce you to........"

They usually know the answer to the question "I need to find someone who......"

Connectors are the social glue.

The Maven
The word "maven" has it origins in the Yiddish word that means "One who accumulates knowledge."

A Maven knows trends, they know opportunities  and  they are educators. They are extremely intuitive.

I had a Maven as a client a number of years ago. He could look at multiple situations and pick the one he felt had the best chance of being successful. Mavens  can be life savers because they collect information that many of us over look.

Mavens are data banks

The Sales Person
The Sales Person job is to persuade. They evaluate the knowledge and trends, peer through the tea leaves of connections and ultimately influence whether something fly's or fails.

As a colleague of mine once said They separate the contenders from the pretenders.

The Sales Person can look at the data and can tell you whether something has potential  "as-is." or if it is in need of an adjustment. They know the market.

The Sales Person and The Maven know each other well.

The Sales Person is a fortune teller.

Which one are you?

We are a combination of all three but we have a dominant behavior that influences  our ability to be successful.

That dominant behavior defines our authenticity. It says "This is who I am."

I'm a Connector. I love meeting people and help them find other people that can help them connect with success in their lives and careers.

 I've found a niche for the people I connect with. They are small business people who need a product or service at a cost that's affordable to them. That's the short version.

When we connect people with each other we create influence. Influence creates opportunities.

It's not about sales. It's about building relationships.

The abundance guru's like to suggest that we will our way to prosperity.

Genuine abundance comes from creating relationships and that is the corner stone of the networking process.

Genuine authenticity comes from discovering what your role is and using it to help others find their success. It comes from building relationships.