Thursday, September 10, 2015

When You Find Your WHY - Networking is Easy.

There's an old joke that says if you put five lawyers in a room and ask them the same question you'll get at least seven answers.

The same holds true when you talk to people about why they attend networking events. There are a host of reasons - and they're all good ones.

Networking can be a highly effective tool for your business, your career or to beef up your contact list.

The most effective net-workers I've met understand their WHY.

Your WHY is the thing that motivates you. It's similar to a lighthouse in the fog. Your WHY attracts other people to you. It makes them want to know more about you.

Most elevator speeches talk about what we do and how we do it. There are 60,500,000 hits from a  Google search for small business consultants and 4,200,000 hits for career development coaches. Let's add life coaching to the mix while we're at it. That's another 64,000,000. If you found a venue that would  hold all of us chances are we'd all give you the same variation on a theme and you'd become distracted in short order. That's because  what we do is similar.

Our how may add a bit more diversity but I've yet to see anyone reinvent the wheel so most of us in the coaching and consulting business follow a pattern, albeit an elastic one, as to how we can effectively serve our customers.

It's a don't mess with success mantra!

That leaves the WHY as a critical variable and I'll tell you straight up , it can be elusive.

Our WHY is what motivates us and it should be as unique as our DNA.

I want you to know you deserve to be successful. I want you to believe you are worth all the effort you put into yourself. I want you to know how valuable you are.  I am fulfilled when I can play a part in you accomplishing your goals. I help good people become better

It tells you I'm motivated to help other people and when I begin my elevator speech with my WHY  you want to know my WHAT and HOW.

I've led off with a flourish and a unique signature.

I'll share a secret with you.

In most cases the people you are talking to aren't 100% engaged with you or what you're saying.

 I mean no disrespect.

Most folks are rehearsing their own 2 minutes of fame and potential fortune while you and I are talking.

But if I preface my WHY with something like:

I don't really know any of you all that well but I'd like you to know when you leave here today that someone cares about you and your career or business. You see...........

Then I launch into my WHY.

People listen.

How do I know?

After most networking events one of two things happen; I get an email thanking me for sharing those thoughts and/or an invitation for coffee or lunch. They are specific in what resonated with them.

My WHY creates a platform to develop a relationship with someone.

Those relationships take time to foster and grow, but tell me what worthwhile thing doesn't?

Find your WHY and you'll find a path to people who want to know your Whats and Hows

Speaking of what's and how's; I'll tackle those in my next posting.