Friday, September 25, 2015

A Special Announcement (Just sharing some joy!!!)

My dad's brother changed his name from Jurkiewicz to Foley sometime in the early 1960's. He said it was  for business reasons. He wanted to get ahead and someone told him shortening and anglicizing his name would help him reach that goal.

My dad never said it but I could tell it bothered him. He was proud of his heritage and his name.

I am also

It's why when I began this entrepreneurial journey almost 16 years ago I decided there was no better way to show my pride and honor my dad then by calling the company Jurkiewicz Consulting Services.

A few weeks ago I began working with a great team of graphics and marketing professionals at alphagraphics in Evansville, Indiana. It started with some new business cards and as we spoke they opened my eyes to some possibilities I hadn't considered before.

My domain name was a mouthful to say possible even more difficult to type correctly.

alphagraphics motto is "increase your reach."

It made sense and then I took it further.

New Career Creations was born.

It feels good and it fits - I am the guy who is looking out for your business and your career. New Career Creations sums up my WHY.

On October 1, 2015 I'll make the change. New email, new domain name, all that cool stuff.

What remains is the same is the consistent service and dedication to you that's been there my entire career. I am making it easier to identify what I do. My web provider will remain the same until early 2016 and then I'll be creating a new look with the help of the folks at alphagraphics. 

So stay tuned there is much more to come