Friday, September 25, 2015

A Special Announcement (Just sharing some joy!!!)

My dad's brother changed his name from Jurkiewicz to Foley sometime in the early 1960's. He said it was  for business reasons. He wanted to get ahead and someone told him shortening and anglicizing his name would help him reach that goal.

My dad never said it but I could tell it bothered him. He was proud of his heritage and his name.

I am also

It's why when I began this entrepreneurial journey almost 16 years ago I decided there was no better way to show my pride and honor my dad then by calling the company Jurkiewicz Consulting Services.

A few weeks ago I began working with a great team of graphics and marketing professionals at alphagraphics in Evansville, Indiana. It started with some new business cards and as we spoke they opened my eyes to some possibilities I hadn't considered before.

My domain name was a mouthful to say possible even more difficult to type correctly.

alphagraphics motto is "increase your reach."

It made sense and then I took it further.

New Career Creations was born.

It feels good and it fits - I am the guy who is looking out for your business and your career. New Career Creations sums up my WHY.

On October 1, 2015 I'll make the change. New email, new domain name, all that cool stuff.

What remains is the same is the consistent service and dedication to you that's been there my entire career. I am making it easier to identify what I do. My web provider will remain the same until early 2016 and then I'll be creating a new look with the help of the folks at alphagraphics. 

So stay tuned there is much more to come

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Which One Are You?

It's hard being me and I'll bet some days it's hard being you.

There is so much pressure to be part of everything that's swirling around us.

I call it the cool kids lunch table phenomenon: At some point in time all of us wanted to be with the cool kids and if we WERE one of the cool kids we felt the pressure to stay there.

Some days it's a monkey-see-monkey-do sorta world. Ya know?

You walk into a large networking event and you almost lose your breath. It can be over whelming and you're not sure where to start.

Are all of these people potential clients? No.

Are many of these people potential contacts? YES!

In his book The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell suggests there are three types of people that influence us.

The Connector
The Connector knows people.  There may be other people who know more people than the Connector but their value lies in knowing the right people. They know people who make decisions and who have influence. They know the right people.

They are the person at the networking event who takes you by the elbow and says "I'm going to introduce you to........"

They usually know the answer to the question "I need to find someone who......"

Connectors are the social glue.

The Maven
The word "maven" has it origins in the Yiddish word that means "One who accumulates knowledge."

A Maven knows trends, they know opportunities  and  they are educators. They are extremely intuitive.

I had a Maven as a client a number of years ago. He could look at multiple situations and pick the one he felt had the best chance of being successful. Mavens  can be life savers because they collect information that many of us over look.

Mavens are data banks

The Sales Person
The Sales Person job is to persuade. They evaluate the knowledge and trends, peer through the tea leaves of connections and ultimately influence whether something fly's or fails.

As a colleague of mine once said They separate the contenders from the pretenders.

The Sales Person can look at the data and can tell you whether something has potential  "as-is." or if it is in need of an adjustment. They know the market.

The Sales Person and The Maven know each other well.

The Sales Person is a fortune teller.

Which one are you?

We are a combination of all three but we have a dominant behavior that influences  our ability to be successful.

That dominant behavior defines our authenticity. It says "This is who I am."

I'm a Connector. I love meeting people and help them find other people that can help them connect with success in their lives and careers.

 I've found a niche for the people I connect with. They are small business people who need a product or service at a cost that's affordable to them. That's the short version.

When we connect people with each other we create influence. Influence creates opportunities.

It's not about sales. It's about building relationships.

The abundance guru's like to suggest that we will our way to prosperity.

Genuine abundance comes from creating relationships and that is the corner stone of the networking process.

Genuine authenticity comes from discovering what your role is and using it to help others find their success. It comes from building relationships.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The WHAT's &HOW's: The Nuts and Bolts of Networking

Once you know your WHY, your HOW and WHAT come pretty easy.

Finding your WHY can be daunting because we live in a world full of buzz words, one liners and "Hurry-up- and-impress-me-I-am-busy."

It's the reason many people begin with WHAT and HOW.  In short, its easier but it often falls short of engaging your audience.

I want you to know you deserve to be successful. I want you to believe you are worth all the effort you put into yourself. I want you to know how valuable you are. 

That's my WHY

As soon as they hear it  my audience knows what motivates me to do the things I do.

My WHY is the my platform and just like the foundation of any solid building; when its aligned right everything else is clear.

Make sense?

Okay good.

So lets say you've just heard my WHY, you are on the edge of your seat and that little voice is wondering just how in the name of all that is holy are you going to reach those lofty ideals.

My WHAT is simple.

You will look inside yourself and make the adjustments that are necessary for you to reach your success goals, create the action steps for yourself that will move you forward and finally help you learn how to create you internal support system to reach your goals when things get tough.

My HOW is: Your path to self discovery through questions and answers. 

A  participant in a leadership workshop I was teaching set a goal to train for and run in a marathon race. He was young, and in good shape. I noticed when we'd take a break he was the first one out the door and  would light a cigarette.

At lunch I told him how much I admired his dedication and how hard it was to train for a marathon. It required dedication  and sacrifice. I asked him if he'd identified any immediate obstacles.

During our afternoon session he announced he was adjusting his goal. He was going to enroll in a smoking cessation program. He really wanted  run a marathon and by quitting smoking he would overcome an obstacle in his path.

He got there by listening to some of the questions I'd asked about what was necessary to complete his goal and he arrived at his choices after he realized that smoking was a huge impediment to reaching his goals.

When he finished here is what it may have looked like to him:

So when I formulate an elevator speech it sounds something like this.

(Yup that's me caught in my natural habitat with my mouth wide open)

Once you've put it all toether you may want to record your pitch to see how it sound. 

I hoped this helped. 

Next week I am going to talk about Authenticity and Honesty in Networking

Thursday, September 10, 2015

When You Find Your WHY - Networking is Easy.

There's an old joke that says if you put five lawyers in a room and ask them the same question you'll get at least seven answers.

The same holds true when you talk to people about why they attend networking events. There are a host of reasons - and they're all good ones.

Networking can be a highly effective tool for your business, your career or to beef up your contact list.

The most effective net-workers I've met understand their WHY.

Your WHY is the thing that motivates you. It's similar to a lighthouse in the fog. Your WHY attracts other people to you. It makes them want to know more about you.

Most elevator speeches talk about what we do and how we do it. There are 60,500,000 hits from a  Google search for small business consultants and 4,200,000 hits for career development coaches. Let's add life coaching to the mix while we're at it. That's another 64,000,000. If you found a venue that would  hold all of us chances are we'd all give you the same variation on a theme and you'd become distracted in short order. That's because  what we do is similar.

Our how may add a bit more diversity but I've yet to see anyone reinvent the wheel so most of us in the coaching and consulting business follow a pattern, albeit an elastic one, as to how we can effectively serve our customers.

It's a don't mess with success mantra!

That leaves the WHY as a critical variable and I'll tell you straight up , it can be elusive.

Our WHY is what motivates us and it should be as unique as our DNA.

I want you to know you deserve to be successful. I want you to believe you are worth all the effort you put into yourself. I want you to know how valuable you are.  I am fulfilled when I can play a part in you accomplishing your goals. I help good people become better

It tells you I'm motivated to help other people and when I begin my elevator speech with my WHY  you want to know my WHAT and HOW.

I've led off with a flourish and a unique signature.

I'll share a secret with you.

In most cases the people you are talking to aren't 100% engaged with you or what you're saying.

 I mean no disrespect.

Most folks are rehearsing their own 2 minutes of fame and potential fortune while you and I are talking.

But if I preface my WHY with something like:

I don't really know any of you all that well but I'd like you to know when you leave here today that someone cares about you and your career or business. You see...........

Then I launch into my WHY.

People listen.

How do I know?

After most networking events one of two things happen; I get an email thanking me for sharing those thoughts and/or an invitation for coffee or lunch. They are specific in what resonated with them.

My WHY creates a platform to develop a relationship with someone.

Those relationships take time to foster and grow, but tell me what worthwhile thing doesn't?

Find your WHY and you'll find a path to people who want to know your Whats and Hows

Speaking of what's and how's; I'll tackle those in my next posting.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Uninvited

There's a knock at your door.

"Huh," you mutter. "I wonder who that is?"

You open the door.

"Hi, I'm John. I met you at a networking event last week. I gave you my business card, but you know what? I figured you'd want to know more about me and my business. So, I decided to stop by and tell you more.

Do you have a cold drink?"

Don't worry, I'm not going to show up on your door step. I don't have to.

I can decide you really need to receive my unsolicited email correspondence. It may be my newsletter, or blog.There could be a landing page in your future with a really special offer.

You never asked for any of it.

What we have in common is that we exchanged business cards at a networking event.  When I returned to my office I decided you needed my uninvited, unsolicited correspondence.


There are some unwritten rules involved in networking. I'm going to be charitable and presume that some folks aren't aware of those rules.

How do I know?

I'm receiving newsletters and other "special offers" I never asked for. I recognize the sender from their business card. They presume, because we made the exchange I'm interested in their information.

The correspondence is unsolicited. I did not ask for it and even though it lands in my inbox it is still "spam" If you engage in that practice you are spamming. That's not cool.

"But John, how do I get the word out there about me and my company?"

I'm glad you asked.

Be courteous.
A few weeks ago I received an email from a new contact. In the email, they told me what networking event we'd met at, their email address, their company web page, links to the social media pages they'd created and an opt in link for a newsletter. They asked me to "take a look," and if I felt moved to do so "like" their social media pages.

They opened a door and gave me an option as to whether or not I'd walk through.

I appreciated their courtesy. It was a few days before I got around to looking at their stuff and decided I wanted to receive their newsletter.

They left me a choice and most importantly it told me a bit about them and how they did business.  

Arrange a one-on-one. 
“You meet someone at an event, and you have a great conversation. You hand her your card. You go home and just know that she will call. She doesn’t call. You decide networking sucks.”

Those are the words of Monica Shah in a blog she wrote over 3 years ago. 

Most peoples lives are as busy and hectic as ours. When I meet someone I'd like to know better I arrange a one-on-one before we leave the event, mark it in my calender's and follow up with a text or email the day before the meeting. 

When  we meet we  share more about our businesses. I'll tell them I publish a newsletter and a two blogs. I'll  share my web link. If they opt in or not is up to them. 

As the great philosopher once said "Easy, peasey, lemon squeezy."

Remember why you are networking to begin with. 
Networking can be valuable if you understand it's two basic principles. 
  • The purpose of networking is too create relationships.   
  • The purpose of networking is to share something that is valuable to the people you engage.
How do we do  this? 

Funny you should ask. 

I'll cover that in my next posting Elevator Speeches Are Easy, Once You Find Your "Why"

See you soon.