Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Don't Be A Blue Head And Other Common Social Media Mistakes or Don't Make a Habit of Stepping in It

My friend Andrew calls them "blue heads." They are people who race forward creating social media profile pages with bare bones information and no picture - Sorta like our friend on the left.

Andrew leads a number of membership only online communities. That means you have to pass inspection before you become a member. His first criterion is a picture and a few postings on your profile page so the world knows you are a real live person.

Last week I talked a bit about how to create credible connections that can help you and your business grow in What You Focus On You Magnify Hope you read it, hope you enjoyed.

Here's the thing. Once I make contact with you what are you going to do? You are going to check me out. You are going to make sure I'm some one that is worth connecting with. Here are a few tips on how to create a good first impression.

Be consistent
I've had the pleasure of learning from an online marketing branding expert.  I was  taught  that my brand should be consistent across all my social media sites. That way people know that I'm me. This includes the use of color.

This is my web site header. When you access my Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube sites you'll see the same brand using the same color. It's my social media signature and it's how people identify me. My profile summaries are all the same text. In a word, or two, I am consistent.

Be considerate
I received an email the other day with someones newsletter and attached to it. While I knew this person I didn't recall subscribing to their newsletter. My first fear was that either my or her email had been hacked. So I picked up my smart phone and called her. She told me that I had given her my business card at a local networking event and so she would start sending me her newsletter.

Uhm, okay. She's a friend of mine so I took a few minutes to walk her through the protocol of online subscriptions and how the provider can black list you rather quickly if you start getting too many people unsubscribing from your blog or newsletter.

You can easily place a sign up form on your web page, your blog or your social media sites. I have a colleague who will email you right after they've met you and encourage you to go to their sites. That's an appropriate method of making contact.

Hope this is helpful to you in your journey.

Our world's changing and my role is to make that change in our workplaces, whether they are in the shop, the factory or the home, live and in person or virtual as smooth as possible.

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