Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What You Focus On You Magnify

True confession time.

I'm as bit of a whiner.

You know: "Things work out for the next person but not for me and some people have all the luck and yada-yada-yada."

I got tired of listening to myself complain and moan. Well actually the dogs went to Joan and said "Look he is driving us nuts. We're here with him all day long and you have no clue. We may need therapy...."

So I decided enough was enough and if I REALLY wanted to increase my presence in the marketplace - Every time I write or say that I envision myself in a bazaar in some exotic location selling kumquats or some other delicacy. - then I would get with the program and reach out to those people who might, help me build a list to market my services from.

It's a simple act that costs nothing but time and common sense. It's ferreting out where the people are  you want to know better and asking them to become a contact of yours.

I stuck my neck out and asked some people who I respect and admire if I could connect with them. Most of them accepted and it wasn't an acceptance through a virtual assistant or an auto responder. They wrote me a personal message.

Okay spoiler alert for you: Most of these folks aren't recognized outside the communities that I have a passion for. There is no Brad Pitt or people like that. As the old saying goes "Not my monkey, not my circus." So if you go stalking me anywhere you might fall asleep reading the postings.

Here are a few tips to build, fortify and impress people with your list of followers

Make sure your social media pages are professional in appearance and content. 
I'm not suggesting that you invest thousands of dollars in hiring someone to script your message. I'm saying that if the first thing I see is a cartoon of grandpa encouraging junior to pull his finger,  I'm moving on. When you create a posting or reply to a posting  don't answer with those cute little emoticons of animals with hearts emanating from their chests. I am all for being yourself and for establishing your own brand but if you want the top 50 folks in your field to sit up and take notice - See "Influence is not a dirty word - then you may want to keep it friendly but professional.

Somewhere, I read a quote that made a lot of sense as it relates to social networking, virtual or otherwise and I'd like to apply it here. "If I want to socialize I'll have drinks with my friends but my networking efforts are to advance my business." 

I'm sure many of the people I follow through social media are great people and would make great friends but my purpose for connecting is learn from them and to take advantage of any opportunity that may come my way through my business relationship with them.  I'm the king of sharing and if your blog or posting is something my audience would like then I'll share it with them. 

Invest your efforts wisely. 
A few weeks back I received a request to connect from someone who "said" they were connected to 3 or 4 people I respect, mostly for their honesty and integrity. So I went ahead and checked the "Yeah, I'll let you in"  box." For two days I received multiple marketing and sales messages for things I had no interest in. Choose your contacts wisely (I'll give you a checklist in tomorrows posting about what to look for!)

Identify Yourself!!
I've found that when I ask someone to connect with me it gets done quicker when I mention where and how I became acquainted with them. I might refer to a really good blog posting or a webinar or a comment they made on social media. It adds dimension to the request and it lets them know you aren't using a spam program. 

Influence is not a dirty word. (Really, I checked, it isn't!!)
Whether you've reached this point in your career or not you work to make money. Your passion, desires and enthusiasm are great. The power company will not accept them as payment - I've tried.

Back in the old days you could pick  up the phone and call someone and ask them about me, my business, my character and my results. Today it is all about who you are connected to and how you can use that connection to increase your influence, build a list and ultimately make some money.

When I first make a new connection I look at their postings and blogs and see if I can find something my audience would benefit from.  When that happens the person whose posting I shared gets an notification. In many cases they will reciprocate with sharing one of my pearls of wisdom.

Give before you take.
Want to endear yourself to someone? Offer to be part of what they are doing, support their efforts and make yourself available. We are all super busy people. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I subscribe to blogs and newsletters as a way to share my contacts offerings.

Okay, I've given enough for one day, lol. Time to make a request or two:

1. Please subscribe to this blog. I promise I wont annoy you with crazy requests.

2. Subscribe to my newsletter. Yes, I do offer programs and stuff like that but mostly I share things that I believe will help my audience in their lives and their careers. On my home home page you'll see a box that says Stay Connected With Me

3. Want to chat? Hit me up via email and we can arrange something.

Hope this helped and hey, lets stay or get connected.

Want to?

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