Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who's An Expert? - The New Work & Marketplace

I start my day going through the blog postings and articles I've starred as favorites so I don't forget to read them. Today's postings  began something like this........... "Experts Finally Reveal" or "The Experts Weigh In On" and "Expert Opinion Says....."

Maybe its because I battled a foot of snow yesterday and I am looking at sub zero temperatures for the next few days but this morning after being told by the "experts" what I am supposed to think, feel and eat, I got annoyed.

Really annoyed.

The article that raised my blood pressure over the legal limit was written by an expert on leadership and communication skills who told me how to lead other people while readily admitting they had never been in a position, career or otherwise that afforded them the privilege to lead other people.

Experts please not that it is "privilege" to lead. 

They never fought over what time you went to lunch, where you parked your car or who got to choose the prime vacation weeks.  They KNEW a leader when they saw one and proceeded to tell us how to lead and how to manage and how to do all sorts of things they'd only heard about or read about but if you wanted to be a good one in the new workplace you'd better heed their advice.

They are, after all, an expert.

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

How can you be an expert in leadership if you've never lead anyone...........anywhere?

We've confused having an opinion with  having expertise.

I'm one of those opinionated people. I'll readily admit to you that I'm not an expert on anything, at all. I market my services by telling you I have 40 years experience in leading, managing and coaching. I'll show you what I've done over my life to back up those opinions and then you can choose to believe and act on them.

Experts write blog postings and articles and when they get enough people to agree with what they are saying they morph into an expert. People will pay them until they discover that they don't know much more than they do on the chosen topic.It's kinda like all those honors you garner playing World of Warcraft - They mean what?

I'm fairly passionate about this topic because I see so many good people - People like you - get hoodwinked into believing that anyone who has an opinion can help you do whatever it is you want to do in life.

Shoot, even people like me can write and self publish a book or two.

The exhortation in the marketplace "Let the buyer beware," still holds true no matter the medium or its pitch. Before you make a purchase whether it is for a service or a tangible item read all the fine print and find out whether the person before you, virtual or otherwise, is the real deal. A mentor of mine put it this way:

It separates the pretenders from the contenders

Finally, I'll bet by now, just like me, you are tired of seeing the word expert in bold.