Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey You!!! Quit Hijacking HOA's (Please?)

I'm troubled by a trend I've noticed lately. Someone schedules an SHOA (Scheduled Hang Out On Air) The SHOA host or guest may be talking about a subject in which they are knowledgeable and low and behold from the peanut gallery comes something like this:

"I agree with ***the host or guest***.  I am in the same business. If you want to know my take on all of this you can contact me or add me to your circles." or "Here's my profile page or community and if you want to learn more...."

Okay, I hear the rumblings off in the distance. 

It's a free world. you can say or do whatever you want, within reasonable boundaries, and if you are here to monetize your business I applaud you. The more the merrier.

But please do it credibly and not on the backs of other people. Here's a suggestion

Set up your own SHOA.
Don't know how?  Join the User2User - Live. This community is managed by +Andrew Hatchett. There are some guidelines for joining, mostly to assure that no gremlins or trolls infiltrate. (A gremlin comes out of the woodwork and trolls live under bridges)

+Ronnie Bincer (The Hangout Helper) manages two communities. One is free, with general information on SHOA's and one, a master community, has a fee.

I'm sure there are more fine folks willing to lend a hand.

Please don't poach someone else's SHOA, please? If you do, after awhile you'll find a lot of your messages are "not deliverable." It means you've been blocked.

I recently joined a a community called 28 Days of Love Challenge managed by +Karen V Chin. I like one her conditions for belonging to the group - No Self Promotion, in your introduction  It helps keep things real.

I hope it doesn't come to that in SHOA's. I really do.

A point of clarification: I am all for panelists in the film strip proudly hawking their services. Most SHOA hosts give you a minute or so at the end of the broadcast to talk about what you are doing. You are giving your time and expertise to make the hangout a success and as long as you abide by the hosts terms and conditions I am cool with it.