Friday, January 2, 2015

You and Your Gut

I love to read

I was thrilled when my daughter gave me a book for Christmas. She had heard me talking about Malcolm Gladwell and how much I enjoyed his books. She went snooping in my book case and found I was missing one book - Blink.

That's how long it takes for us to create an impression of something or someone - The blink of an eye.

The premise is we rarely trust those impressions or gut feelings. We are more comfy, running with the pack.

When I look in the mirror and I ask myself how much I believe in myself I need to go no further than a quick check of how often I trust my gut feeling. It's a good gauge to see just how much confidence I have in me.

Some of us call it intuition.

Some of us claim we don't have it.

Most of us never realize that like any gift or talent, it's not useful unless its practiced.

Want to know a secret they social media and SEO  guru's don't share with you?

They KNOW most of us don't follow our gut instinct It's why our in boxes are loaded with promises of fame, fortune and health all for the low, low price...........

They're enticements.

They're visual.

They know that as quickly as we blink we've decided.

Mostly their message says "But John............. EVERYONE is doing this!"

Spirit of full disclosure? I've fallen prey to the pack mentality. I've wasted valuable time and resources simply because I embarked down a path that wasn't my path.

Everyone was doing it, why shouldn't I.

Don't misunderstand me. Many of these things are good things. They're just not good things for me.

For me it's simple:

"Start Small and Start Now"

Pausing, listening, reflecting a little bit each day builds the confidence in my decisions and what is best for me. 

Rome wasn't burnt in a day you know