Monday, January 26, 2015

Start Small & Start Now

Maybe you've been "one of them." (I know I have.)

You exercise so vigorously that you can barely make it to your car. Sweat is pouring down your face. You are a warrior. Let me ask you something................ How do you feel three hours later?

A trainer at my gym told me that the test of a good work out is to evaluate how you feel 3 hours after the workout.

If  your energy level is elevated, you feel more alert and have a normal level of soreness from stretching your muscles; you have had a good workout. While you go about your daily routine your body continues to supply energy to all those muscles and organs in your body and in a sense your work out continues. (It's like anti-virus software on your computer: It's working all the time but you don't always know it is there.) You know your limitations. Chances are you'll be back at the gym tomorrow.

If you feel tired, barley able to move, and unfocused while your muscles scream with every move, in the long run, you've done more damage than good. Most likely you are dehydrated and your body will start using muscle (rather than fat) as energy to keep your power plant sustained. You will wake up the next day with an exercise hangover. It means you've asked your body to do more than it's capable of doing at the present time. There is a good chance you will tell yourself "This pain is not worth the gain."

Maybe you are not an athlete or maybe you avoid a gym like the plague. Do you have goals, dreams, wishes and desires? If you created a graph in your favorite tracking software what would it say about where you are in your journey towards those goals? How many of them have you already given up on and here we are only 3 weeks into that new, "resolution" year. 

I feel your pain and your frustration and I have been there and I have done that........

And I have seen the light!! (Amen and Alleluia!)

When I learned to break it down into small and chew-able pieces, I was able to make lasting progress. I've realized there are more people out there like me rather than not so I started a community here at Google Plus called Start Now & Start Small. 

It doesn't matter what area of your life you are hoping to improve, or what goal you are wanting to achieve. I encourage you to join us. It's a private community and like everything else in life, there are rules and regulations.

Come join us.