Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Caution: This Post is For Adults Only. Don't Open Unless You Are 18 or Over

A friend invited me to attend his direct email marketing webinar late last week. I was to be there as an "observer." (If you know me, you know that is code for "You Can't Talk John.") 

The topic was fascinating, well at least it was for me. He talked about 20 subject lines that would almost guarantee your audience would open any email you sent them and not be kicked into the dreaded spam folder.

I gotta be honest with you. Facts and figures cause me to nod off most times. I can take any figure I want and skew it to my point of view so as to to make my point.  I prefer the webinars that get your juices flowing and cause you to hop on your horse and follow William Wallace down through the glade. (Braveheart is one of my favorite movies.)  But, my friends presentation intrigued me.

I'm a baseball fan.


He shared a piece of information I wasn't familiar with. He said that a successful email marketing campaign is one where 30% or more of the emails sent out are opened, not just "clicked through," or deleted.

In baseball a hitter who bats .300 or reaches bases via a hit of any type 30% of the time is considered to be successful. The all-time career average leader in major league baseball is Ty Cobb and when he retired in 1928 his batting average over 24 years was .366. Some consider Cobb the best player to don a glove and bat and he failed close to 60% of the time.

So I went and looked at my stats. My last email campaign had 41% of them opened. Here's the problem, and I'm not ashamed to admit it to you:

So far, I've had 0% conversion.

If you subscribe to my newsletter that's available from my web page, I thank you.  (Blatant self marketing.) 

But, if you are not buying what I'm selling, How am I successful?

The question is not rhetorical. It's genuine. 

I am successful because as Popeye the sailor man once said

"I am what I am and that's all that I am."

A few years ago a client and I met for the first time and I noticed they weren't saying much. So I asked why? 

"My gosh." They said. "You talk exactly the way you write."

As the old Southern saying goes "Dance with what brung ya."

I want to look you in the eye, whether that's via HOA's, Skype or another platform. If we meet in person I want to shake your hand, hug you and greet you in a warm and friendly fashion. 

That's just me and I  don't encourage anyone else to be me. 

(My wife just looked over my shoulder and said "Thank God.") 

If email marketing is the vehicle that drives you towards success, by all means use it. 

Discover your personal brand and discover how to use it to help you market and sell your product or service. 

So.............. here we are, at the end of this blog posting, and there is zero adult content. 

You're either laughing or you're upset. 

Either way, you read the blog posting.