Friday, December 12, 2014

What Comfort Zone?

I am not sure what a comfort zone is, are you?

Mostly I use it as an excuse  to be afraid of doing things that I haven't done before or things, situations and people I cant control.

Thank goodness I'm the only one in the world  that acts like that, hey?

Julia Chapman is a 26 year old aquatics director. She has all sort of hardware after her name but the one that she is most proud of is the title of actress. Julia told me that when she was younger she saw a stage performance of To Kill a Mockingbird and decided that one day she, too,would like to be in a play. It really didn't matter how small or large the part was, she decided that one day she'd just up and do it.

Life has a way of getting itself between us and our dreams.  Julia forgot about her goal until a few months ago.A local theater workshop in the small town she lived in was putting on a play with a Christmas theme and she tried out for it. She thought she'd get one of those bit parts, as an elf or a part in a crowd scene. When the smoke cleared Julia was awarded the lead role. She had never acted in a play before.

Have you ever been in one of those situations where something totally unexpected occurs and everyone stands around a bit stunned and not quite sure what to say but they know they have to say something? So they say things like "Oh, congrats to you." or "Wow I bet you're surprised." Stuff like that. Everyone walks away going "Oh wow, I didn't see that one coming, did you?" 

Julia told me her biggest challenge wasn't learning her lines or how to block on stage. It was sitting in the theater studying her lines and having people sitting directly in front of her question whether she was capable of handling the role. Saying things like she was "In over her head."

I asked her if her confidence was shaken when she heard those things  and she told me she was bit anxious, she had over 200 lines to speak, but, no, it was something she'd always wanted and God dumped it square in her lap so it was up to her what she'd do with it.

God dumps a lot of things in my lap and I nod my head and smile and make all sorts of excuses like comfort zone issues, self assurance and the like. I thank him and tell him I'm grateful and then I make sure the boundaries of my comfort zones are still well defined and I go back to my life, all the while wishing things would be different.

Success isn't defined by what we know. Success is defined by looking at what we don't know, getting so scared we often pee our pants and doing it anyways.

Just ask Julia Chapman