Monday, December 8, 2014


No, I'm not talking about changing the way you think and live. Or maybe I am.

How much time do you invest in marketing, virtual or otherwise that doesn't turn into money in the bank? Oh, I know the mantra's.

"It's takes 6 months to a year of mining your social media initiative before you are going to see any real payback."

Says who?

I never studied business. I did study psychology as it relates to people and their behavior. There is a term called mental scotoma. Without getting all Dr. Phil on you it means you develop a belief or behavior that becomes a blind spot and you exclude any other belief or meaning.

Okay, that confused even me.

When my kids were growing up they'd run into the kitchen proclaiming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!"

"Says who?"The answer?  "Everyone." 

Sooooooooooooooooo, the sky must be falling.

Why are you an entrepreneur? There are as many reasons as there are stars in the sky.

Is one of those reasons to make money and show a profit?

That's conversion. It's converting all your hard work and effort into dollars and cents. Depending on your business there are many ways to accomplish that. Which one is the best for you? I don't believe there is a cookie cutter approach.

The personal part of you business, the passion and motivation that put you into this crazy world we live in? That's where your process becomes unique.If that process is not converting into sales  there are three possible reasons

  1. There is no market for your business. 
  2. You are in the wrong market with your product or service (You are selling freezers to people who live in the arctic circle.) 
  3. The people you are paying to help you aren't doing their job. 

Sorry to be so blunt but  think about it. How much money do you fritter away on the "latest and greatest" program, process, webinar or book without showing any real return? I count myself among the guilty here. I have a whole folder on my hard drive ready to burst because it's full of those magic white papers and I even have written a few myself.

Why do I do it? For the same reason my kids believed the sky was falling: "Everyone said so."

The next time you get ready to max out a credit card on a program guaranteed to bring you success ask the person making their pitch to give you a rough idea of how long it might be before you see some real conversion from using their process. If you get one of those, "Well that's up to you, John." answers, you might want to utter a TYVM and put your credit card back in your wallet. If there is no potential for conversion into earnings why make the investment?

"Okay wise guy. How do I know?"

Excellent question. I can only speak for myself and my coaching and consulting business.

When I'm working with a potential client I make a 90 minute investment with them free of charge. I have some standard questionnaire I ask each one. That takes about 30 minutes. The last half hour we chat about life and beliefs and all that cool stuff like why they are doing what they are doing. It gives me an opportunity to discover if I am the person to help their business grow, prosper and show a profit. (There's that conversion thing again.)I set up a 30 minute appointment for a week down the road also free of charge.I put together a package of where I see myself helping them succeed and what it will cost.

What if it's not a match?

If after 60 minutes one of us feels pursuing a relationship is not in the cards, then I virtually shake hands and be on my merry way. Just like you, it's all about conversion for me too.Above and beyond any other indicator, conversion should be the deciding factor in each investment, real or emotional that we make.

I'd like to offer you the same opportunity. If you Click Here you'll have the opportunity to spend 60 uninterrupted minutes with me to talk about you and your business. It's my way of saying Thank You

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