Monday, November 24, 2014

Selecting the Right Business Coach

I suppose somewhere, someone has created an interactive matrix to increase the probability of choosing the right business coach for you to work with. It goes without saying that we are not cheap and you should weigh all of your options before you make an investment  but I'm not sure you can make that decision intellectually.

Does that make sense?

I was prepared to write a three bullet point manifesto that the blogging god's tell me is necessary for creating a superior following to my blog - The sort of "get in and get out, tease them a bit, make them want you"  Sigh, you get my point right?

I'm revising my web site and as I do I am trying to find the strategic spot to place the endorsements and testimonials I've received. A kind of "I love me page." We all have them. It dawned on me that my success as business coach boils down to this equation:

"Where are they a year from now?Are they still in business?"

If I do my job as a hybrid coach/mentor/guide, a year from now you will not only be surviving but be on the precipice of thriving, and I might add, thriving for many years to come! If you want to know a business' coaches value look at the sustainability of their clients. 

Yes, I know it's not entirely in my hands. There are a lot of factors involved which is why YOU need to make sure the person you choose has your best interest in mind.

Manner and method aren't as critical as a detailed "Where are they now?" That's the true indicator of a successful and valuable coach.

I could sit here all day and tell you about Catherine in D.C., Angie in Chicago, Dave & Jeff in Elk Grove Village, Tom in Indiana and Carl in West Virginia, but wouldn't be better if you were to pick up the phone and say:

"Hey I'm considering using this Jurkiewicz guy as a business coach. Can you tell me how he helped your business?"

Anything that helps make your decision easier is a good thing in my book. 

Dang, this is the shortest blog I've written in some time.