Monday, September 29, 2014

Calling All Coaches

I host a weekly Google Hang Out on Air called The Career Corner. On October 8, 2014 at 10:30 AM I will be exploring coaching as a full time career choice. I would like to have 2 or 3 coaches on the panel to talk about why they made the choice to go into coaching as a career and what they feel makes a good coach. Each coach will have 10 to 12 minutes of airtime to talk about themselves and their coaching specialty. At the end of the broadcast, I’ll give each coach an opportunity to share contact information, etc.  There is no cost or fee required. If you are familiar with Google Hangouts on Air it is a free service. In exchange for your time I’ll post your web page, etc on the event listing. All hangouts are recorded on YouTube and I’ll provide you with a link to use in your personal marketing afterwords. 

All coaches regardless of experience will be welcomed. I'd love to have some new coaches talk about why they choose coaching as a profession/ 

You will need: 

A Google+ account. (They are free.)

Set aside some time in the next few days to chat with me in Google+

A profile picture and biography

 If you are interested please contact me at for more information. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sometimes You Just have to Get Out What's On Your Mind..........Even if it Gets You In Trouble

Joan and I were watching the TV program, Hell's Kitchen the other night. If you are not familiar, Chef Gordon Ramsey picks about 20 chefs, verbally abuses them for 10 weeks or so and then who ever survives, gets to work for him. 

The definition of insanity?

Ramsey throws food, pots, pans and anything he can get his hands on to show his displeasure. A lot of people think this is cute or funny. Some say it is all an act.  Some justify Ramsey's actions and defend him buy saying that he contributes substantially to charities, especially for disabled kids. One behavior should balance the other or something like that. I don't know. 


At one point in the show Ramsey said the following words, or words to the effect "Hey, you!! I'm talking to you. Yes you, you COW." Oh yeah this was directed at a female chef. 

Now some of you may think that's not so bad, or maybe I'm over reacting. Okay, let's do this. Take the word "cow" out of than sentence and replace it with lets say, a racial slur or an ethnic slur. Ball game changes doesn't it? Chef Ramsey wouldn't be around long enough to throw the next batch of under cooked risotto. 

Why, then, is it okay to use derogatory language towards women? On TV and movies we regularly hear the "S" word, the "W" word, the "B" word and the queen mother of them all, the "C" word.  People laugh or excuse the language because of immaturity.  Again, replace any of those words with a racial or ethnic slur and a lot of somebodies are in huge trouble and should be. 

Florida States quarterback Jameis Winston, was suspended for a full game for shouting one of those derogatory remarks concerning women  last week. It went viral, a jillion hits on YouTube. Once again, substitute a racial or ethnic slur and Jameis is history. 

Whats my point? 

We as a society do not afford women the same equal status and recognition that we do other people. We slap peoples wrists when they call them names. So, when men start taking the short leap to physically assaulting a woman, we just sorta shrug our shoulders. 

They deserve it, right? I mean that's what we think. "She needs to keep her mouth shut," and "I'ts between him and her." It's the same justification we used years ago towards racial and ethnic minorities. 

It begins with Gordon Ramsey yelling "cow" and it ends with Ray Rice knocking his wife out in an elevator. 

If you and I REALLY believe in equality, lets start practicing it across the board and towards everyone.