Monday, May 22, 2017

Who is the Hero in Your Story?

There is a war going on inside of each of us. It's the battle between who we think we are supposed to be and who we want to be.

I'm not gonna go all Freud on you, but there are all sorts of factors that influence the war that rages inside.

It can be all consuming.

We're on a journey and last week someone suggested to me that journey was A Heroes Journey.

I like that.

I like it because in that journey I am the main character. It's my fight, it's my battle.

I am the hero in my journey, a journey that began at my birth.

It's our journey.

I don't have a silver bullet. (I wish I did!)

I've come to believe that simply realizing some days are a battlefield, is reassurance enough.

Realizing it is journey unique only to me and me alone and only I can over come those obstacles gives it a very special feeling.

It's okay

I'm my hero.

And you are yours.

The war with ourselves - It's one we are gonna win. Of that I am sure.